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The Art Transfer Foundation

We unites three things that matter to us the most: art, education and development. We help the art break free from the confines of canvases, of walls of galleries and museums, we show that art should be enjoyed and used in a variety of ways. We host educational activities and workshops. We organize meetings regarding themes such as art, artistic activities, style, perception and works of art.

We teach how to derive happiness and knowledge from creative activities. We appeal to:

  • Imagination – we appreciate the benefits it provides, though we do not utilize its full potential
  • Emotions – which we all have, and though we are able to describe them, we do not use them in the processes of creation, of making something new;
  • Intelligence – in creative terms understood as: musical, spatial, kinesthetic intelligence, as well as emotional intelligence
  • Experience – understood as a collection of one’s own learned abilities, events experienced, and lessons learned across the various areas of life.

We believe the idea of a „searching human” to be a crucial goal of creative education. We cooperate with artists, art historians, culture experts, teachers, all the art lovers out there, as well as with various cultural institutions. The Foundation’s commercial activities finance the gratuitous educational projects, which are otherwise hard to fund. We aim our activities at all age groups, from kids to adults. 

Art Transfer Foundation

ul. Syta 109a m 4a

02-987 Warsaw – Wilanów

KRS (National Court Register): 0000429874

Tax Identification Number NIP: 5211061998

Statistical number Regon: 010602493

account number: 51213000042001061123610001 VOLKSWAGEN BANK


ART TRANSFER – Foundation for the Support of Education Through Art

Foundation aims:

1) Raising awareness, appreciation and understanding of art among individuals

2) Propagating the intellectual development of children, youth and adults especially by educating through art

3) Popularizing Polish art and culture domestically and abroad

4) Forging and developing cultural and academic awareness among children, youth and adults, particularly through inspiring and spreading innovative educational and artistic approaches

5) Promoting, stimulating, financing and leading every stage of artistic and cultural education, including developing tools to achieve this aim

6) Promoting, stimulating and financing collaboration between art and entrepreneurship

7) Popularizing and promoting valuable artistic and cultural projects, including theatre, music, fine arts, photography, film and literature.

8) Artistic education of children, youth and adults,

9) Promoting talented individuals in various fields of art,

10) Propagation and development of cultural and educational projects in accordance with European Union and international organizations’ guidelines

11) Conservation of historic monuments and promotion of cultural heritage

12) Promotion of tourism

The Foundation collaborates with other institutions, organizations, associations, national and international foundations, as well as individuals within its scope of activities.

The Foundation achieves its aims through:
1. Organizing, financing and conducting paid and free:
a. workshops, training courses, symposiums, shows, exhibitions, open air activities, viewings, performances, competitions and concerts,
b. artistic projects
c. art and education publishing
d. artistic activities
e. training and workshops to develop the qualifications and competitiveness of individuals with professional ties to culture and cultural institutions
f. film making and audiovisual recording
2. Developing contacts and cooperation with domestic and foreign communities, institutions, enterprises and agencies within the scope of popularising and accomplishing the Foundation’s aims
3. Popularising cultural subject matter through the organization of international exchange programs, meetings, readings, conferences, seminars, competitions and exhibitions.
4. Funding scholarships for the execution of artistic, cultural management and curatorship  projects as well as scientific research.
5. Increasing participation in social and cultural life among the elderly, creating and supporting forms of intergenerational cooperation,. promotion of European integration, fostering tolerance and intercultural dialogue


Children and Art



Our workshops teach children the sensitivity to color and shape, to make their own assessments, to search for meaning in a work of art based on their own connotations, to respect work and to be aware of the role that art plays in the human life. In this way, we help „our” children develop intelligence and emotional sensitivity, as well as prepare them to experience life without fear, happily and with curiosity.

The programs consist of thematic modules, of which purpose is to sensitize the child to the world around it by introducing means of artistic expression, such as: lines, colors, texture, composition, shape, light, and also by presenting analyses of paintings and spatial activities. During the classes children learn to recognize, name and interpret feelings, emotions, natural phenomena, discover the world via the artists’ perspective, gaining a unique way of exploring it. Using the language of ART.

Our program does not contain dates or any other historical information. We intentionally focus on the art itself and the illustrated aspects of the world, rather than on history of art. Naturally, children that want to know more, e.g. who painted this particular painting, or what is its title, or what nationality was the artist will always get the answer from the class tutor.

Each theme is accompanied by a set of games and workshops, during which the children transform into artists, painting, drawing, sculpting, creating their own works of art.


  • Develop the ease of handling lines, blots, shape and color on surface and in space across various art techniques
  • Sensitize the child to the phenomena of its surrounding reality, to light, color, shape, line, texture, movement and space
  • Develop first relations with the beauty of art


  • Are 45 minutes long
  • Classes take place once per week/ twice per month
  • Number of children in the group is 12 – 15
  • We work using laminated reproductions in the A3 format, as well as projected paintings
  • We provide all the necessary art materials
  • Our team of educators comprises art historians, Polish language scholars, culture experts, musicians and artists who work with children on an everyday basis in i.a. the National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, The Rabbit House, the Royal Castle
  • The price of the classes depends on the number of participants and the language of the classes (we also conduct classes in English)


  • Life Through the Eyes of an Artist

We recommend a series of classes titled „Life Through the Eyes of an Artist”. It is a leading project of the Art Transfer Foundation, that introduces children to the world of art and art related subjects in a variety of ways; a project that shows how to enjoy art. The series comprises 10 meetings related to various aspects of everyday life, depicted by painters across the span of several centuries.

  • The Great Painters

The series titled „The Great Painters” is dedicated to the achievements of the most famous European masters of art.

  • ABC of Contemporary Art

A like assemblage, E like environment, P like photography, learning the alphabet of contemporary art with the help of our ABC Book! This series of classes has been implemented with great success in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art. Together we discover the greatest currents and artists of contemporary art, which we follow up by creating original works of art.

  • Architecture Adventure

A series of classes, where children make their first attempts at discovering the elements of old and modern architecture.

  • The Wheel of Colors Spins Round

A series of classes dedicated to the use of colors in art.

We would kindly like to refer you to our full offer of workshops for schools and kindergartens, as well as to our creative workshops for a special occasion!



How about spending some peaceful, yet very artistic mornings with us? We would love to invite You all to the Art Pavilion for „A Family Meeting With a Hint of Art”. We will share some interesting stories, show You the great works of artists past and present, enliven those sleepyheads with some fun and create our own „little” masterpieces. You’ll quickly see that it’s worth starting Your day with the Art Transfer Foundation!

During each meeting we will showcase a profile of the artist currently presented in the gallery or engage a different, fascinating subject, showing how it was depicted in art. We will become Art Explorers, carrying out various objectives – what secrets could lie hidden here? We will also do some amazing artwork, which You will take home with You afterwards!

A small treat will be provided for the children.

Time: 1,5 hours



We would like to invite You to occasional creative workshops organised by the Art Transfer Foundation!

With the help of an enchanted brush and her magic powder our artist, Lady Aquarelle, will take the children on a journey to the extraordinary Land of Art and acquaint them with her spells and fascinating themes. Studying the artworks of masters the children will attempt to unravel the mysteries hidden within and find answers to all the burning questions. They will accomplish an extremely difficult task prepared by Lady Aquarelle and create their own works of art, worthy of the „Little Artist” title!

The occasional creative workshops are a wonderful artistic adventure for the children. Youngsters get to know the works of great masters and we get to stimulate their imagination, their natural desire of exploring the world, and satisfy their curiosity by encouraging them to seek the answers independently. We also develop their sensitivity to art and the surrounding world.The creative workshops are designed to host 15 children and consist of 3 parts:

  • Educational conversation – presentation of the subject and of works of art.
  • Playtime – challenges, games and fun with Lady Aquarelle.
  • Art workshop – creation of unique works.


 Taking into account the dates of upcoming holidays and special days we would like to present to You the following workshop themes:

  • Folk Art: Welcoming Spring

Along with the first flowers and warm sunrays comes a time of year that we all love – Spring. A time of birth, blooming of wonderful colors and of folk traditions. With Vivaldi’s Spring melody playing in the background, Lady Aquarelle will tell the children all about the folk art, show them how Spring was represented in art, and explain what folk rites were associated with that time of year. Thus there’ll be plenty of traditional songs and spring games! In the art section of the workshop children will adorn paper marzannas (figures representing Winter).

  • Easter Faberge Eggs

A perfect workshop for the upcoming Easter Holidays, during which Lady Aquarelle will take the children to the workshop of Carl Faberge, the finest of goldsmiths. Our young participants will learn about the master’s identity and his craft, so astounding that it captivated the very Czar of Russia along with his family. The children will examine the gleaming, gold-sparkling, gem-adorned, beautiful Faberge eggs, solve a task hidden in one of them, and in the art section will transform into real jewelers, creating their own, unique works of art – Faberge eggs, adorned with glitter, crystals, feathers, shiny ribbons and thread.

  • Spring Assemblage: The „Tiny Heaven” Game

Lady Aquarelle will tell the children about the old „Tiny Heaven” game, also known as the „Secret” or the „View”… do You remember that game? All that was necessary to have a good time was a piece of glass and some tiny marvels, which was laid down in a hole in the ground: not too shallow, not too deep, but in one that was „just right”. A shiny candy wrapper, a four-leaf clover, a colorful button, an interesting pebble – these were the real treasures. Treasures, that we tried to hide forever. Once the composition was ready, we laid a piece of glass on it, covered it with dirt, and… done! We had our own „Tiny Heaven”, a one of a kind magical view. The „Tiny Heavens” of our parents and grandparents are an example of genuine works of contemporary art referred to as assemblage. Lady Aquarelle will tell the children all there is to know about assemblage, and together we shall determine in what ways is it different from collage. During the art workshop the children will create enchanted cases with a spring assemblage inside. They will turn artificial flowers, crystals, golden tinfoil, pebbles and leaves into real treasures.

  • Folk Handicraft: birds, religious carvings, traditional Easter eggs and paper-cutting

Have You ever heard the sound of cheerful chirping coming from a clay bird? And while out in the countryside, have you seen beautiful sculptures „enchanted in wood”? Have you ever had the chance to make traditional Easter eggs and Kurpie cutouts? Yet another, spring meeting will allow the children to take a trip to the countryside, where they will examine the folk handicraft. They will get to know for what special occasions were these beautiful works made and purpose did they serve. They will listen to folk songs and attempt to match the rhythm in dance. During the art section they will paint ceramic plates in traditional patterns. Lady Aquarelle prepared many colorful and interesting inspirations!

  • Sculpture Workshop: about family, feelings and hand gesture language

Because of the character of the artistic work, this type of workshop is a perfect way of celebrating Mother’s or Father’s Day. During the workshops Lady Aquarelle, along with the children, will take a close look at the family portraits of old. Together they will study the ways in which painters used to present feelings and closeness of a family. We will pay attention to the hand gestures of the characters in the paintings. We will think on how to express affection, love, happiness, thoughtfulness and salutation with the help of our hands alone. We will play a game of feelings-themed charades. During the workshop’s art section Lady Aquarelle will lead the children to a sculpture studio set in a kindergarten, full of cups with mysterious, colorful powders inside. There will be spells, loud and magical, counting down the time till the moment when the children make plaster casts of their own hands using the mysterious powders. Colorful hand sculptures will come into creation, making for wonderful gifts for moms and dads on their special day.

For our art workshops we use dental materials, utilized in oral medicine. They do not cause allergies, are safe and intended for skin contact.

  • Fun and Games in Art: colorful kites

It is probably safe to assume that nearly every child on planet Earth loves to play. That is why this time Lady Aquarelle will present works by artists, who chose to portray in their art various fun activities, games and sports. We will see which ones have survived to this day, and which have been completely forgotten. We will play some traditional Polish games: Serso, Kudłacz, Fajerka, and it will become clear, that in order to have great fun you don’t need expensive toys, only an imagination and a head full of ideas. During the art section, the children will create their own, unusual kites!

  • Toys in Art: my teddy and tailoring workshops

Do you know what kind of toys did children play with a hundred years ago? Or before that? What is the history of the teddy bear – the world’s favorite plushie? Whom did the President of the United States meet during his hunting trip and why did he allow a teddy bear to be named after himself? We will find an answer to all these questions with the help of Lady Aquarelle. Lady Aquarelle will tell us the story of Margarete – a young girl, who made the first plushie in the world for herself and her sisters. We will examine old, historical toys, and talk about the games that children played a long, long time ago. We will recall the famous teddies loved by many generations of children: Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, Miś Uszatek (Floppy Bear) and Miś Colargol (Barnaby Bear). During the art section each of the children will make their own teddy with our help! We highly recommend the workshop for Children’s Day!

  • Life Through the Eyes of an Artist: Midsummer’s Eve

For the end of the school year, we would like to recommend a workshop from the series titled „Life Through the Eyes of an Artist”, presenting the subject of Midsummer’s Eve in art. This time, Lady Aquarelle will show the children the various customs and traditions related to this joyful and mysterious holiday. There will be dancing around the bonfire and midsummer divinations; together, we will try to make flower head wreaths, and we’ll listen to the Fern Flower legend – and afterwards, we shall attempt to find the flower itself! During the art section of the workshop, the children will craft paper fern flowers, which they will attach to real leaves, according to the guidance of a ancient herbarium.  

  • Holiday Angels

During the meeting with Lady Aquarelle, we will learn about the diversity of the holiday tradition in various regions of Poland. We will look at how angels are represented on frescoes, paintings and sculptures. We will get to know who sung in the angelic choir and whether Muhammad actually spoke with the angels. During the art section the children will make their own angels. Will we hear their singing? We shall see.

  • Masks

A perfect workshop for the time of Carnival. During the meeting Lady Aquarelle will show the children masks that are well recognized and those far less known, gathered from different countries. The children will learn why do Venetians wear masks during Carnival, what did Pharaoh’s favorite mask look like, what kind of masks do people wear in Mexico and what type of a mask does a shaman put on during tribal ceremonies. It will a workshop full of color and mystery! Everyone will get the chance to become a true Pharaoh by donning his mask, as well as to dance to the wacky Carnival tune! During the art section the children will adorn carnival masks with feathers, sequins, crepe paper, beads and colored paper!

We would like to refer You to our full offer! 




How does it work?

The birthday of a child is a very special, happy, but most of all unique moment. That is why the Art Transfer Foundation created an offer full of original birthday ideas for the little-„Great” artists, ideas that take children to another world, let their imaginations run wild, and allow them to create, create, and again, create.

  • Art         
  • Fun         
  • Creation

it is our belief that a combination of these key features is what makes a birthday party extraordinary and successful. Art lets the children develop, having fun brings them joy, and the process of creation releases an immense creative potential, thanks to which our little artists become truly „Great”.

As an artistic Foundation we would like to present You with an alternative to the offer of other establishments that organise commercial birthday parties. Our aim is for children to spend an extraordinary, unforgettable time with Us, but also to show that it is possible to have great fun through contact with art. Therefore, every scenario allows a journey to the world inside of a painting, provides contact with sculptures, design, installations, architecture, as well as gives an opportunity of creating one of a kind, little masterpieces. For us, every art piece done by children is a treasure… a treasure that will help grow a unique attitude towards the world they experience, an attitude that is open, creative, imaginative and full of joy. And that is priceless.

Oferujemy urodziny najwyższej jakości, w przemiłej atmosferze, 
z najlepszymi Animatorami- Edukatorami, a Państwo mogą mieć pewność, że cały zysk z imprezy urodzinowej jest przeznaczony na działania statutowe Fundacji.

Our offer:

Birthday at Art Transfer means:

  • The premises of the Foundation at Your disposal
  • 2,5 hour of fun and creation in a suitable artistic setting
  • Qualified Animators-Educators
  • Birthday scenario with an interesting plot
  • Professional art workshop
  • Individually-made artworks to be taken back home
  • Unique and effective ideas
  • High-quality tools and materials necessary for the completion of the workshop
  • Delicious and healthy snacks for children and parents
  • An exquisite birthday cake
  • Aromatic tea and coffee
  • Parent-zone, a place where You can rest
  • An electronic invitation for the guests
  • Great fun guaranteed!


  • A Journey to the World Inside of a Painting

Can You actually take a journey to the world inside of a painting? Can You partake in the adventures taking place there? For us, limitations do not exist! „A Journey to the World Inside of a Painting” proves all that and more, and our scenario will take You to the wondrous world of the artist Witold Wojtkiewicz. Following a mysterious boy, the children will experience many extraordinary adventures. They will play the roles of characters encountered along the way, they will begin pursuit on individually made horses, they will try to break the evil witch’s curse, solve the riddle of the Forest of Kings, and will even become a „live painting” themselves! All You need to do is find the ancient key, sprinkle Your heads with some magic dust, walk through the frame of an enchanted painting, and…

… the magic journey begins.

  • Monstrous Art

A perfect theme for every fan of creatures and monsters!

During this birthday scenario, the children will become true Monster Seekers! They will travel across the span of entire epochs to learn how were these fierce and wondrous creatures portrayed throughout the ages. They will listen to the „Golden Legend” and try to unravel the secrets of the presented painting. And once there are no more enigmas to be had… they will personally check whether it’s easy being a monster in the present times. They will collect dragon footprints, and even create dragons of their own! And if that is not enough, there will surely be enough tasks, during which our little explorers will have to prove their skills, ultimately creating a… why, we can’t reveal everything!

  • The Mystery of the Missing Artwork

New Year, Paris, the front page of the French newspaper Le Figaro: „Burglary of the century! Yesterday night, when Parisians were celebrating the coming of the New Year, burglars have stolen one of the most valuable…”. What happened and what is missing?! Listen, we have to quickly pack our detective equipment and set out on an extraordinary journey in order to track down the enigmatic clues. Will they lead us to the stolen work of art? That is yet to be seen… during this birthday scenario, the children can expect numerous tasks and riddles to solve. They will assemble a great, old map of Paris, the location of the intrigue. Pursuing the clues hidden somewhere in that map, they will attempt to gain entry into the gardens of master Monet… can you smell the flowers? They will check whether creating sculptures is a difficult craft by making casts of their own hands. They will visit Paris’s most renowned museums, face mischievous art forgers, and even create their own, grand masterpiece! Well then, are you ready to begin the search for the missing artwork?

  • Art for Munching

What would You say if art could actually be consumed? Sweet, salty, fragrant… tempting. Are Your tummies already rumbling? This birthday scenario is sure to be full of wonderful colors, smells, and incredible ideas. Children will find out whether sculpting in food is at all possible. They will try to uncover the sweet… and bitter secrets locked within the masters’ paintings. They will create unique portraits, worthy of Arcimboldo himself! And they will see that it is possible to paint on more than just canvas alone. Magnifying glasses will come in handy! They will check if the fruits and vegetables hold any secrets. They will learn new things about art, which will aid their transition into true painters and allow them to create their own „still life”. Delicious creativity will ensue! 

  • Underwater Tales

Adventure ahoy! Today we embark on a journey across the seas and oceans in search of real thrills. As the crew of the Nautilus, following Captain Nemo’s example, we shall attempt to traverse hectoliters of water in order to find treasures and secrets buried in their depths. Will we discover an underwater city? Will we find the lost Atlantis?

In this birthday scenario, amazing „underwater” adventures await the children. They will set sail (or turbines!) along with the characters of Verne’s „Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” in the search of a legendary creature that wreaks havoc among the fleet and merchant ships. They will practically meet „face to face”! The children will gaze into the sea abyss through Nautilus’s portholes they created! They will try to find the lost treasure of Captain Cortez, and together they shall build the world’s most famous submarine – the Nautilus itself! But that is a secret…so hush lads, and not a word to anyone!

  • Art Upside Down

Have You ever stood on your heads? How was it? Then better sit down, because You’re about to get dizzy! As today the world will turn upside down… or rather art will!

Along with the Master of Riddles, the children will set out on an incredible journey of illusion and fantasy! He will show them around his mysterious Gallery of Illusions, which awaits full of tasks to be accomplished and puzzles to solved. He will tell them about the meaning of op-art, street art, illusions and many other bizarre terms. He will show them a couple magic tricks, thanks to which they will be able to enchant their hands and create amazing works of art in 3D. They will understand the secrets of optical animation and will see how to make seemingly fuzzy and still images move! They will create a theater of illusion, find out whether Escher’s mosaics are in fact infinite, and finish off with building a real mobile! There will be plenty to do!

  •  In the Land of Dreams

Suddenly, we are awakened by a loud: „Ring, ring!… Ring, ring!… Ring, ring!” coming from a strange, cloud-looking box. But wait a minute, where exactly are we? Can it be we’re still dreaming?

The Land of Dreams is a birthday scenario that is full of fleeting dreams and fantasies, during which the children will pick up a Lobsterphone, attempt to „bite into” a gigantic apple, visit the workshop of a frantic artist – Salvador Dali, and even travel to a Castle on a rock, floating in the skies. Aside from wild games, the children will also take a course in „photography”. They will get to know a surrealist’s workshop, and create an unbelievable work of art that will seem like it’s… straight from a dream!

  • Collectors of Curiosities: A Tiny Guide to Collecting

If You love collecting trinkets, baubles, or other curious objects, our chief Collector will gladly answer any and all questions You might have. He will show You around his quaint study and share the secret of how to become a true, professional collector.

We guarantee You that the children will get to know the Collector’s trade through and through! They will create their own treasure boxes, take a close look at various minerals in search for their magical properties, attempt to construct a scientific instrument, and even learn to arrange their collection, creating a true Office of Curiosities. But enough, we shall reveal no more!

  • Behind the Scenes – A Theatre Adventure

The lights go out… the spotlights are on… silence falls…

During this birthday scenario, the children will get to know the theater thoroughly! From behind the scenes they will observe its artists and its audience. They will roll the great „emotions die”, fight a duel of the faces, and even transform into real Directors and Costumologists. Together, they will design the show’s poster. There will be fun! There will be masks! And let us not forget about the theatre of shadows! And what did we prepare for the grand finale?!

… the curtain goes up… let the show begin!


Price list:

  • Up to 10 people  PLN 600
  • Up to 15 people  PLN 700
  • Up to 20 people  PLN 800


  • 2,5 hour of fun and creation in a suitable artistic setting
  • A qualified Animator-Educator up to 10 people (above 10 people – 2 Animators)
  • Birthday scenario with an interesting plot
  • Professional art workshop: group and individual
  • Individually-made artworks to be taken back home
  • Unique and effective ideas
  • High-quality tools and materials necessary for the completion of the workshop
  • Parent-zone, a place where You can rest
  • An electronic invitation
  • Great fun guaranteed!

We additionally offer an excellent catering for children and parents. Please see our full catering offer!



zdjecie 1

„Adult” is a word of a rather broad meaning. Adults can be people who are barely over the age of 18, or those who simply do not consider themselves seniors, regardless of age.

Our offer of creative workshops and lectures about art and its history is directed towards those adults, who appreciate contact with both, the old and contemporary art, art that is broadly defined, not only as painting, but also as graphics, sculpture, elements of architecture, new media art, photography, installations, and others.

During the lectures we talk about the works of creators from various time periods, it is often that we introduce cross-cutting themes presenting various motifs in art: feelings, family, games, elements of nature, and much more. Such way of getting acquainted with the theme is beneficial to one’s acquirement of knowledge, broadens the scope of one’s information. Anecdotes about the artists, art dealers and surprising transactions during art auctions will enliven our stories and make them even more entertaining.

We would like reveal to the participants of our workshops new areas of beauty hidden in the old art and new areas of extraordinariness in contemporary art; art, which oftentimes lost its ornamental character and the classically understood beauty of form, yet can still become intriguing, explorative, and even iconoclastic.

This year, we have introduced to our cycle of lectures an entire series of meetings devoted to the art of the Far East, still relatively little known and intriguing with its otherness. The main attraction of this cycle of themes are workshops of Chinese calligraphy, where an expert on the Chinese language will teach our participants how to use bamboo brushes, and paint characters representing the concepts of colors, birds, elements and other ideas discussed during the theory lectures.

It is very important to us that the workshop participants, through contact with art, relax and take a little rest from their everyday reality and, even if just for a while, move to the world of imagination, so that they could recall their memories connected with art; of places once visited, their vacations, travels. We help cultivate the internal need of self-realization, of experiencing new things. Contact with art delivers a sense of freedom, broadens our creativity, stimulates us to asking difficult questions, makes us feel positive and accepting of otherness, favors tolerance.

During our lectures and workshops we try to create a friendly, positive atmosphere. We take care of our participants, tell them about the interesting things going on at a given time in Warsaw, what is worth checking out, what exhibition to visit. As the Art Pavilion hosts many openings and exhibitions of young, Polish artists, our participants have the option of regularly taking part in those events.



Creative workshops at the Art Pavilion in Dolny Mokotów

The Art Transfer Foundation has the pleasure of inviting fans of art and its history for a cycle of weekly creative workshops dedicated to European painting and the art of the Far East (China, Japan, Korea). Together we shall look closely at various aspects of everyday life represented in paintings by European and Far Eastern artists across the span of centuries. An additional attraction of our cycle of meetings will be the opportunity of taking part in workshops of Chinese calligraphy, where, using bamboo brushes and traditional Chinese ink, we will learn how to paint symbols representing the names of birds, flowers, colors, etc.

Each of the workshops is 90 minutes long and consists of two parts: the lecture, based on a slide show of chosen works of art; and the creative part, which comprises a discussion about the viewed paintings, and activities that perfectly combine entertainment with art – all that while enjoying a cup of great quality tea or coffee.

The workshops will take place from January to June 2015, on Tuesdays at 11 AM – 12:30 PM at the welcoming, newly opened Art Pavilion on 1 Kostrzewskiego street (entry phone no. 131). The establishment is located on the ground floor, nearby the Kostrzewskiego bus stop in the direction of Wilanów, on Sobieskiego street. Bus numbers: 116, 166, 172, 195.

We provide a comfortable place, a friendly, warm atmosphere, a bit of knowledge about art, joy that comes from personally made works, and, naturally, a good time in a great company.



January 13th, Tuesday, 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Masks: Egyptian, Greek, African, carnival. History of masks and their representation in art.

January 20th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Representation of the elements of nature in the art of the Far East, Chinese calligraphy workshop: symbols related to the elements.

January 27th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Representation of the elements of nature in European art.

February 3rd, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: History of colors in European painting.

February 10th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Symbolism of colors in Far Eastern art.

February 17th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Ruffs, jabots and bustles; all about fashion and clothing in European painting.

February 24th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Chinese calligraphy workshop: symbols related to colors.

March 3rd, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Dreams and daydreaming – a journey inside the imagination of European painters.

March 10th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Talismans in Far Eastern art.

March 17th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: A canvas full of rain; weather in European painting.

March 24th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Workshop of Chinese calligraphy: symbols related to talismans.

March 31st, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Faberge Eggs – a meeting with the Romanov family and its most renowned goldsmith, Carl Faberge.

April 14th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Images and symbolism of birds and eggs in the Far Eastern art. Calligraphy workshop: symbols related to birds and the egg.

April 21st, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Carousing and frolics; the theme of fun in European art.

April 28th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: History cast in bronze – histories of ancient Chinese bronzes. Calligraphy workshop: symbols related to sculpture.

May 5th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: City as a distinct and separate subject in European art.

May 12th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Representations of animals in the Far Eastern Art. Calligraphy workshop: symbols related to animals.

May 19th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Our lesser brothers – the theme of animals in European art.

May 26th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Lacquerware gems – stories about the incredible technique of manufacturing incredible objects. Calligraphy workshops: symbols related to objects.

June 2nd, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: Family stories – the theme of family in European art.

June 9th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: The human being as a subject in Far Easter art. Calligraphy workshop: symbols related to people.

June 16th, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: To portray feelings – the theme of emotions and feelings in European art.

June 23rd, Tuesday 11 AM – 12:30 PM: A journey through the scenery of China – Chinese landscape painting. Calligraphy workshop: symbols related to landscape.


Price of a one-time entry is PLN 20.

Feel welcome to attend!




Seniors are usually considered to be people who are over the age of 60. Many of them still work, often at new jobs. Some are retired. Yet most of them still search for an opportunity of personal development, want to be socially and culturally active, understand change and want to be a part of it. And then there are those, who simply like to learn, are curious about the world, people, art, music, philosophy…

Through contact with art, we want to start an intergenerational dialogue, share knowledge, but also learn from the seniors.

During the meetings organized by the Foundation we invite our participants to talk about their passions, learn from others, travel in time, have fun and spend their time creatively.




We live in a world that becomes more complex, chaotic and confusing every day. The challenges that we face require creativity and innovative thinking from us. This is precisely what we want to achieve, both during training and teambuilding events, as well as workshops and family picnics. Through art, we want to trigger new skills and increase the operational capabilities of the workshop Participants. We conduct training courses for Companies in an interesting and original way, in a variety of subjects, such as management, teambuilding, and improving of group communication. All workshops are held in the form of a „creative meeting with art”.

An increasing number of institutions in the world that utilize art as a tool for development and creation of new business solutions, shows that using art in business is not just an experiment, but rather a real, systematically employed tool. Among many companies that use art as a tool for communications, customer service, teambuilding, creation of new solutions, etc., one can find businesses such as American Express, AT&T, Kodak, Boeing, Dell Computers, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, Nike, Pfizer, IBM, Halifax, and others.


What can business people learn through art?

  • thanks to stimulating of creative thinking and acting in people, art prompts the desire to search for new solutions
  • the structure of the creative process can be used to solve problems of a strictly business nature
  • by triggering and stimulation of new skills in a creative way, art in fact raises the effectiveness of both, a unit, and of the whole organization
  • self-esteem is increased and the emotional IQ rises

The Role of the Art and Artists

  • art and artists stimulate us to see more, hear more and experience more of that which is inside and around us
  • art provokes, shocks and inspires
  • artists can stimulate us to develop our abilities, to broaden the scope of our behavior, and to be flexible in our actions
  • the analysis of an artist’s work can grant an important insight into what actions are necessary for acting as manager and a leader
  • an artist lets us reach our creative „self”



We organize meetings with art for both, Employees of companies, as well as for whole families with children. Thanks to the fact that for many years now the Art Transfer Foundation provided education through art in kindergartens and schools, we have substantial experience in developing artistic activities for youth.

The workshops take place in the Arts Pavilion or other, equally interesting and art-related places. Our team consists of professional educators and trainers, therefore the classes are conducted at the highest level. We teach creative thinking, stir the imagination, and show that art can deliver much more pleasure than the one derived from just admiring it.


We organize both, special events, and artistic picnics for whole families. We have a vast experience in working with youth, and have been implementing a program of education through art for years now. We provide creative and interesting attractions for children and parents alike.

In a unique and special way we organize events, that should be properly accentuated in our lives. We make every effort to ensure that adults and children alike can together spend their time in a relaxing, artistic atmosphere. We never forget about days such as: Mother’s and Father’s Day, National Grandparent’ Day, Children’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Easter, Christmas, the first day of Spring. We also appreciate atypical days, such as: cryptology day, Positive Thinking Day, International Day of Forests, World Turtle Day, World Statistics Day, or Guinness World Record Day.

We can organize events tailored to Your Company’s needs, such as: Summary of the Year, New Product Launch, Christmas Eve, Easter. It is advised to remember to motivate and reward the successive achievements of your Employees in a proper way. We can do it in an interesting form, that is full of aesthetic sensations.

We provide all the necessary materials, organize the animations, prepare creative meeting scenarios with specific thematic elements, invite artists and people dealing with art. We offer a professional, delicious catering, as well as the possibility to obtain dietary advice during the creation of the menu.


We organize workshops, during which we stimulate creative thinking, and teach how it can be used for the purpose of achieving better results in the business field. The package of creative activities is always unique and tailored to the Client’s needs, so that it may meet any demands and expectations.

We provide excellent training locations, materials, training by professional Educators, meetings with Artists full of passion, as well as delicious catering, with the option of dietary consultation. A workshop scenario combined with various aspects of art will be prepared to Your specific requirements. Thanks to the group work, we shall stimulate our Participants’ creative thinking, which is of especially great importance in today’s complex and chaotic world.

We offer You thematic workshops based on themes such as:

  • team building
  • resolving conflicts and problems
  • team and change management
  • creative thinking and action
  • cooperation and communication
  • the art of public speaking
  • developing the creative potential of Your team and its individual members


Every Leader is an Artist – artistic creativity as a way of building an effective leadership

Designers of Reality – a journey to understanding the principles, and subsequently participating in the process of shaping of one’s surroundings

Inner Portrait – creating a collective portrait of a group/organization, based on the history of the portrait in art


In a unique and original way we organize trips for Companies, which combine together various aspects of art with elements of teamwork and team building. Their purpose is to build means of spending time together and sharing experiences other than the strictly professional ones; get to know one another in unusual situations; they are an important element in building positive relations between all participants, and in creating the motivation that fuels teamwork. We create the conditions for undertaking of creative activities based on mutual help, support, tolerance and friendship.

We always carefully select the locations where we take our guests – they have to be both, beautiful in terms of the region’s aesthetics, as well as represent the highest quality. We ensure unusual and interesting attractions, meetings with Artists, discovering of hidden talents, original workshops and, upon returning, an exhibition of the works by the Participants in the Arts Pavilion.

During the trip, our Trainers organize creative workshops, corresponding to the Client’s specific needs and expectations. We individually select a package of artistic activities regarding themes such as team building, management, resolving of conflicts and communications.